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non-epic first post is non-epic

So, recently I cleaned out the kitchen of the house where I'm living! Here are the fun things I found in vague detail because I needed to prod the styling of the community and also I disliked that it looked so lonely. Also, this is the crap I posted to my personal journal that inspired this fit of community-making, so perhaps this tale will serve to regale others for its lengthy existence on the web or something grandiose like that. :p

1. Exploded can of some kind of diced fruit. Whenever it had exploded, it had coated everything around in the juices or syrup. Of course, by the time I got to this can, this syrupy shit had turned completely black and viscous. The can itself seemed hollow—I don't think there was anything left in it. o_o I wasn't going to prod at it to find out.

2. No joke, an entire "forgotten" pantry. Seriously, I opened it up, and everything in it was absolutely covered with cobwebs and dust. It was mostly cereal, crackers, maybe even cookies—but yeah, it was decidedly not good. I checked some of the expiration dates, and most of them were dated approximately 2007. I asked the man about it, since obviously he's been living here way longer than me, and his only response was that it had simply been abandoned and gotten so gross over time no one wanted to touch it. Wat? Okay, things get abandoned, but an entire cabinet in your house?! XD It's not even in an out-of-the-way place, it's right above the freaking oven in the kitchen!

3. Numerous bags of bread with the last 2-3 slices of bread so old they had turned totally black and completely hard. There were at least three of these, possibly more. D:D:D:

4. I'm pretty sure I found one thing with an expiration date of 2003. :| This was only a month or two ago, too. Aaaah. I don't clearly recall what it was (or even if I really did find it) and it wasn't terribly gross, but something that old is just... whoa. XD

Even just now when I cleaned the kitchen out, I had to throw out some chicken that was turning. It had begun to stink through the packaging and the chicken juice had leaked out a bit all over the shelf (which, of course, is the uppermost shelf! rawrawrawarar, keep that shit on the lowest shelf plzkthx) and just rawr. :[



Feb. 26th, 2010 11:55 pm (UTC)
D8 that is all very terrifying. I've never had to deal with rotten meat before, that sounds disgusting. I remember another story you wrote about a long time ago with meat in a paper bag in the basement D:
Feb. 27th, 2010 03:27 am (UTC)
Thankfully it wasn't thaaaat gross, it was just beginning to turn and vaguely smelled bad. But chicken is one of those things like, when it's all the way bad, you can totally tell by scent alone. o_o Nothing like a whiff of rotten chicken balhaejioeriogeirg.

My downstairs basement fridge had all kinds of horror stories. >_< Like when mom made huge pots of spaghetti and meatballs, threw them in the downstairs fridge for lack of room in the upstairs one with all intention of splitting it into tupperwares to freeze... except she just forgot. And they ended up becoming gigantic pots of mold. O_O

I vaguely remember that story, too. :| I should dig through my LJ and find some good ones, I'm sure there are some nice ones relevant to the dungeon fridge. XD


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