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food_horrors's Journal

Food Horrors
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For food horrors, horrible food, and anything that should have been edible but was not.
Got an uncle who makes a horrible casserole for every annual family holiday? Find some months-old, rotten science project in the back of your fridge? Try some exotic delicacy only for it to be completely gross? Get served a chunk of half-turned fish by a restaurant? Try a new recipe only for it to come out looking and tasting like some half-roasted swamp monster spawn (with pix, of course)?

Any stories (or images) relative to bad food are good for this place. :]

Rules & Moderation

These are subject to change as time goes on, of course. If they get changed it will be posted about. Also, hi~! I am your resident moderator, morbidelirium. You can call me Sie. :D I'm the only person manning the fort at the moment, but if this community ever gets bigger I'll probably look to add to the roster. For now, any questions, comments, or anything else you might want to pester me with can private messaged or, alternatively, e-mailed to me at snakesblood at gmail dot com, and please make sure to include something about food_horrors in the subject line.

I. General Etiquette
01. DELETE = BAN. Don't ever delete your post or your comment; if you want it removed feel free to bother the resident moderation. There's no guarantee it'll happen, but at least you tried, right? If you delete a post or comment yourself, expect to be banned.

02. Images and long posts go behind a Livejournal cut. <lj-cut>...</lj-cut> produces a simple “Read More...” Livejournal cut, and <lj-cut text="lorem ipsum">...</lj-cut> produces a cut where you can change “lorem ipsum” to whatever you want your cut link to read. Whatever you want behind the cut goes where ... is in either code. Also, if you've posted your story in other places, many consider it courteous to inform readers of cross-posting and where else you posted it.

03. Make your text readable. Don't change default formatting values for all text of your posts or comments and don't post huge walls of text. Paragraphs and line breaks are good. You might think it's adorably stylish to use that tiny font in barely legible gray, but those of us who actually have to read your content don't. If your post is illegible because of netspeak, 1337, or any other nonsense, expect to be called a troll and responded to accordingly.

04. Debate, sarcasm, satire are okay. Ad hominem attacks and flamewars are not. Any *ist slurs will not be tolerated and will get you banned and posted to a snark community for being a raging jackass.

II. Community Content Guidelines
05. Anything related to bad food, old food, horrible food, food that's becoming alive again, food that made you ill, etc. flies here. Bottom line: if it was intended to be edible and it was not (for any reason), you may post it. There are two questions to ask yourself before posting: Was it designed to be edible? Was it inedible? If yes to both, you can post it here. If the answer is no to either or both questions, please return to the drawing board.

06. Please use some common sense when posting. Six paragraphs about your night out at Applebees with a line or two about the cold appetizers is inappropriate for the community and will be mocked accordingly.

07. Question posts—e.g., “What's the oldest thing you've ever found in a cupboard or pantry?”—are fine, so long as the question pertains to food and is open-ended (but we like to see these questions thrown in with a story). Questions of a “can I eat this” nature should be directed to can_i_eat_this or isthisfoodsafe, as those communities exist for that purpose.

Other Communities & Credits

Thanks to nadmental of stock.xchng for the image used in the userpic! Apologies for the context, as it does look delicious. ;)

You may also enjoy these communities:
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